A Young Person's View on Longevity

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Re: A Young Person's View on Longevity

Postby ExplorerAtHeart on Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:35 am

Prolite wrote:
crzer07 wrote: What idiotic moron thought of THAT policy?

A scared idiotic moron
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Re: A Young Person's View on Longevity

Postby Golgi_Apparatus on Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:04 am

Prolite wrote:
Azevo wrote:Life extension is a great idea in all, but it seems to ignore the political and scientific hitches which are inevitable on the road towards it, much like Ray Kurzweils theory on technological singularity. They admit that as an inconvenient truth, thus it will always be a prediction

I can foresee political hitches, for instance: we've got politicians (American), in the Republican party running for President in 2012 who want to dictate to the rest of the United States how to live our lives, what's considered marriage and what isn't, when we can have an abortion and when we can't. They're basically trying to bring us back to the dark ages by using religion to trump and siphon people's lives. And they're trying to base it as a moral argument. Look at what's happening in Wisconsin with the governor trying to take away the collecting bargaining rights of workers - - something that workers had worked so hard for for many years to attain. Nearly 60% of the wealth in the United States is controlled by 1% of the population. That's despicable! No wonder why the US sank into a Great Repression and brought the rest of the world down with it, especially after the greedy 1% betting their money from regular people's mortgages and unlawfully making bets knowing that those loans were imminent to fail. Culturally speaking, my country is screwed up SO BAD right now. And economically, people spend spend spend. And most people are politically ignorant. They complain about this and that not going their way but when it comes to elections, most people are so stupid they re-elect these azzhole politicians who are corrupt as hell. Why the FUDGE is Michelle Bachman, John Boehner, Mconnell and about 200 other tea party extremists STILL in Washington!? hmm?!

The political rant above is good reasoning for why any anti-aging technology will never see the light of day for the average citizen. We've got religious nut-jobs holding office trying to tell us how to live our lives. Well screw them! No wonder why Republicans want to cut education as soon as things are going bad economically. They want to keep people stupid so Republican politicians can keep in leadership positions, as we watch our laws and the future of our country being written by oil company lobbyists and huge financial firms.

I wouldn't direct too much energy or angst toward any particular political institution. I think Orwell described the American two party system perfectly in 1984. They're each engaged in an eternal voluntary stalemate all the while fixating their followers rage towards the other in order to keep their vassals ignorant to their own blunders and shortcomings.

As for the future of life extension, I think it will progress like most things have..... slowly. Perhaps there'll be a breakthrough in telomere research. Usually I'd be very pessimistic, but with the continued exponential expansion in computing perhaps 30-40 years is doable.
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