Exoplanets Like Titan

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Exoplanets Like Titan

Postby ExplorerAtHeart on Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:35 pm

The article talks about exoplanets around red dwarfs that have a hydrolic cycle that operates on methane. Since red dwarfs are the most common type of star in the galaxy, there could be plenty examples of planets that operate in the liquid methane habitable zone. The methane habitable zone of a red dwarf would be about 50-80% AU (earth sun distance).

Its conceivable that life could develop using liquid methane and inhale hydrogen gas in place of oxygen and exhale methane instead of carbon dioxide. A red dwarf releases more infrared light than it does visible light. A red dwarf could be awash in 10 times more infrared light. Any aliens born from these planets would probably develop vision in the infared area rather than the quite dim visible spectrum.

I can only image what it would be like to meet a spacefaring species forma place like this. A place so different from our origin. They would probably be just as suprized at our origin. You lived on a planet that was 70% molten ice!!

Most of this is specualtion based on some knowledge, but speculating is fun =D

View of Titan's Ontariou Lacus (its a large lake of methane on titan)

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Re: Exoplanets Like Titan

Postby TreeHandThing on Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:06 am

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