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Re: Half The Time Line is wrong

Postby wjfox2009 on Thu May 12, 2011 9:17 am

FireNail wrote:I started to watch the video

Watch the rest and it will thoroughly debunk the petition.

I'm not responding to the rest of your post, which is too long, and probably just as easily debunked anyway, and therefore a waste of my time.

, it's unlikely this overall consensus will change, and there's no conspiracy. Humans can and do change their environment; this should be obvious, as there are 7 billion of us and we're pumping out 30 gigatons of CO2 each and every year, which is more than our natural systems can handle. It doesn't just magically disappear. The evidence that we're having an effect on our planet is utterly overwhelming and comes from multiple different sources, and thousands of peer-reviewed studies... end of debate.

*awaits another 400 page essay full of the usual , which have already been debunked a million times over*

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Re: Half The Time Line is wrong

Postby FireNail on Fri May 13, 2011 12:38 am

The graph is propaganda as the 97% is based on 75 subjectively determined “specialists” from the Doran paper.

Doran and Zimmerman 2009,
- 7054 scientists did not reply to the survey
- 567 Scientists Surveyed do not believe man is causing climate change
- Only 157 surveyed stated they are climate scientists
- The “97%” is only 75 out of 77 subjectively determined “specialists” or 2.4% of the 3146 who participated in the survey out of 10,257 Earth Scientists who were sent an invitation.

There is no way that 97 percent of any group of people can come to a consensus on an issue, especially one such as climate change, when non of the members involved even fully grasp the issue. You'd have to be damn gullible to believe this. As the saying goes, as long as two people exist on the planet, there will always be two sides to an issue. Meanwhile, a lot is at stake. Whether or not the environment is being impacted by humans, and to what extent, is always up for discussion. That's really not an issue. The moment it becomes an issue, is when politicians and other elites use it to try to shape policy. When carbon credits and absurd economic stifling become a matter of policy, that is when we have much more serious and tangible problems on our hands than "a couple degree's of change."

This "debate" has been had many times before by many different people. It's a merry go round and I want to get off of it. The burden of proof is on you, because it is your type of thinking that demands we pony up lots of money to, "fix the environment." Meanwhile, neither I, you, nor any other person on this planet knows the intricacies of the complex interactions that occur between this planet, and the organisms that inhabit it. Hell, we don't even fully understand our own bodies, let alone ecosystems comprised of millions of different species. I think that life in general is much more receptive and responsive to the tiniest of changes in their environment (so, perhaps something on this planet is affected by increases in Co2 output, however slight, from humanity).

But then, that's how it all works, isn't it? Life is also a lot more resilient than we give it credit for. A change of a couple degree's Celsius isn't going to have any serious consequences beyond better agriculture, and for many organisms an easier existence. This, at least, we know from historical example.

Anyway, where does that leave the time line? I would call it speculation, but it goes above and beyond several degree's of climate change (which is what the IPCC and friends claim). It predicts disasters on the level of Day After Tomorrow, and this is something that cannot be called a prediction by any stretch of the word. It's a fairy tale view of the future. It's one thing to extrapolate technological trends, it's quite another to try to claim disasters in the future.
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