Is Obama on a comeback?

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Re: Is Obama on a comeback?

Postby Nick1984 on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:02 am

I hope not because AceFlamingo and StyleofBeyond would be really pissed off ;)

From what I remember he was a very popular president in America with good policies and good ideals. America certainly had good times in the 90s (the only military action they saw under him was peacekeeping and UN bombing of Iraq).

Americans were ashamed to have him as head of state following the sex scandal, but would be happy to see him have more power I guess.
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Re: Is Obama on a comeback?

Postby Prolite on Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:25 pm

Obama has been doing what he has always been doing. For the lame duck session, the Republicans decided to slightly let go of their obstruction in the Senate. Over 400 bills would have became law if the Republicans didn't obstruct congress for the last year. The filibuster rule in the senate has been blatantly abused these past 2 years. If find it disgusting that the Republican's agenda for gaining power again in the Congress is to commit treason, which they have done over and over and over again. Purposely promoting policies that deliberately ruin this economy just to gain political power is treason. This country continues to re-elect these scumbags. There are only 2 moderate Republicans left in the Senate: Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe -- both of which have abused the filibuster rule over and over again. This country needs to rid itself of political ignorance and pay attention to WHO is doing what and WHY. You got John Boehner on the House floor during the Health Care passage screaming his head off like a child and practically calling for tyranny because things aren't going his way, and because of his blatant racism. Yet.. he still gets re-elected; and the same thing for many others in Congress who have decreed acts of war, violence, racism, and treason.
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