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Postby crzer07 on Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:29 pm

gregzeng wrote:We need a new "United Nations". Perhaps after World War 3? The old UN only recognized the one International language - English.

You know Arabic and Chinese are included in there too, two most widely spoken languages other than English.

gregzeng wrote:The English language is not copyright, not own by people like me. Most users of the English language are NESBs. English is superior to EVERY other language, ergonomicaly speaking. It is almost phonetically true. It has many "tenses" absent from other simple minded languages (pluperfect, anticipatory, etc.).

It also makes it hard for most that are accustomed to other things, it's just the way you use it. you can have more expressive power in one. One can also say that garbled complications is a way to compensate for the lack of ability to, say, put into context. I'd say it's only 'superior' in an imperialistic sense.

gregzeng wrote:In my dying, impoverished years (not decades) that I have left, I'd like to give birth to another baby: English Ergonomics Society - simplifying USA SPELLING more, obliterating the non-metric systems (used by primitive nations like the USA), etc.

LOL... ok.

gregzeng wrote:English should be taught to NESB students ONLY by NESB graduates. This is the preferred employment by many nations. My interest is is curriculum development, not my old career (of many) of being a teacher.

I didn't think it matters, but one can always lie about it... or fake it. besides I had an English teacher that one taught in China.
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