System Profile: Kepler 11

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System Profile: Kepler 11

Postby ExplorerAtHeart on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:33 am

A comparison of the Kepler-11 system with the inner Solar system, with all planet diameters scaled up by 50.

Kepler 11 is a star system approximately 2000 lighyears away in the constellation Cygnus. The star is a Sunlike star with .95 the mass of the sun and an age of 8 billion years. The system has 6 planets of which have been detected by the transit method of extrasolar planet detection. The habitable zone of this star would be near where our habitable zone is. There are no planets detected this far out but this may be due to it being a degree off the plane of sight, ie it does not cross between us and the star.

All 6 planets detected so far transit their star, indicating a very low inclination in their orbits. The inclination would be less than a degree, where in sol it varies as much as 2.8 degrees. Any planets further out that planet g that is outside the 1 degree inclination of the others would not b detected, so the possibility of more planets in this system than what has been detected so far is very real.

The system of known planets is fairly compact when compared to our system with 5 of the 6 planets occurring inside Mercury's orbit. The Slanets range in size/mass from near earth size to the size of Neptune.


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