The Future of Medicine

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Re: The Future of Medicine

Postby Italian Ufo on Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:17 pm

Kynareth wrote:To be precise, It's only my opinion, and even more : i'm sure i'm wrong. Predicting the future is a very hard thing . I don't see those dates as a prophecy. It's a positivly thinking about the future medicine without overstatement.
But , really thinking realistically, reality is often brutal and the progress may be slower than I predict. We may not live that long to see those miracles. I'm considering it too.
Ok, I was not completely right. The next Einstein would of course help, but medicine is not the same as physics. We don't need such theories here, thousands of hard-working scientists , doing experiments over decades might succed in the same work as one super-genius would. Apart from that, maybe this genius is a young boy/girl now and we'll see his/her rise in the next decade ?

Good Point Kynareth ;)
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Re: The Future of Medicine

Postby Prolite on Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:01 am

That's exactly my point. The more geniuses that are delivered to humanity and the sooner, the better for us. The combination of the 1% of the population who are insanely smart combined with geniuses is what brought us from living like apes in 1900 to the age of information in 2011. Just 110 years! And I'm not entirely convinced that just 1% of the population contribute back to society. I also think entrepreneurs and inventors also contribute to society. Entrepreneurs and inventors aren't necessarily insanely smart people either. No doubt they're smart, but they're mostly creative and they're extremely resourceful. That's how they're able to bring new products and services to the market. For instance, I'm bringing a new product to market by the end of this year. I wouldn't describe myself as a genius or anything close. I graduated college as an average student. I think being smart is not the "end all be all" to bringing more advanced technology to our civilization. I also think that average intelligent people can do extraordinary things because of their personality. For instance: being a leader, risk taker, visionary, creator, inventor, communicator, and maverick. A maverick for example is someone who knows a lot about certain things -- more than most people.
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